Give & Serve


We greatly appreciate your tithes and offerings as they help us to further advance the gospel in our community and in our world. The church actively participates in missions, studies, and community projects that are not possible without contributions from our members. There are two key ways to tithe here, the first is to deposit your tithe into the plate as you exit the church on Sunday mornings, and the second way is valuable because it can be done at any time and that is to tithe right here on our website! You can do that by  Clicking Here. Thank you again for your generosity!


The events and outreach our church does would also not be possible without the contribution of time from our members. There are countless ways to get involved here at Hazel Dell. Whether your involvement is through prayer, missions, study, or community projects there is a place for you to serve here! If you are interested in getting involved feel free to grab a leader at church and mention your heart to be involved. We also have a phone you can contact at (405) 765-3689. Thank you for being so willing to serve!